Founded in 1869 by the Cano family, dedicated from its beginnings to the manufacture of high quality paprika. Now is a modern version in constant expansion, with our passion for pure paprika, 100% natural.
Proof of this is the careful selection of pods, spices and oleoresins we offer to our customers.
Uniting our experience in the industry during more than 100 years, with new technologies and selecting the best commodities in origin, we satisfy the needs of our customers, complying health standards.

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The company was founded in 1869 by J. Cano Belchi. If we talk about J. Cano, we talk about the living history of paprika. With its long history stands as one of the pioneers in the manufacture and export of ground paprika.
Sales are made through different brands: El Cid, El Castillo, Bulldog, Tiger, Ace, Never Field and Pelayo. Some of these brands have been used for sale in Spain and others for export to the United States, England, Argentina, Cuba, etc.

Around 1940, one of the travelers of the house and a member of the family, Mr. Rafael Cano, after his many trips to Argentina, was established in Buenos Aires, initially like a delegation of Jesus Cano NCR, and subsequently installed as standalone version of the array with the name Especias Rafael Cano, S.A.

Nowadays, our factory in Spain continue with the manufacture of all peppers sold in Argentina. As we continuously exported since 1940, we are one of the most appreciated brands by consumers.

calculus course by exports increased exports and ground pepper prices during the nineteenth century

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Quality always has been the basic pillar of our company. We are improving day by day since our inception, selecting the best raw materials and manufacturing with care and expertise for provide our customers with the highest quality that comply all national and European health legislations. Pure and natural products, allergen-free non-irradiated and non-GMO.

Early last century we performed controls in the Municipal Analytical Chemistry Laboratory of Murcia, agency who issued certificates of quality and purity of paprika for proceed with the commercialization of the same.

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In J. Cano we bet on not only for the quality of products, but also on our traditions and our origins. Paprika industry is an important and historic sector within the Region of Murcia, so we strive to manufacture 100 % Murcia pods, working closely with our farmers in the area, with great experience and product knowledge. This way we can improve the social, environmental, and economic development of our common environment, trying to give value to the product with the tradition and unmatched quality.


We are continuously improving the quality of our products. Proof of this is the continuous renewal of certificates that demonstrate the commitment of excellence with our customers.


When we receive the raw material in our warehouses, we made the first checks to ensure that the goods are in top condition for manufacturing.
During the manufacturing process, the product no comes into contact with external agents that may be sources of external contamination.
After many years in the sector, J. Cano has currently more modern manufacturing systems on the market.


Intended for sterilization of the product, the goods are processed with steam. The treated product lacks dry residue and meets the highest standards to guarantee maximum food hygiene / sanitary quality.


- Alcantud System:The traditional system of friction grinding stones being most suitable for high-quality paprika getting the best texture color and aroma.
- Mill micronizer:Modern milling system with daily capacity of 6 tons.


With the experience that characterizes us, in J. Cano we put our facilities available to customers for the manufacture of its products.


The process of production starts at the fields, checking all the plant development stages to enable us to assure the product traceability, Exhaustive controls are made to determine the quality of every single product, so as to comply with the CEE regulations now in force.
J. Cano we adapt to the needs of our customers...

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  • Sweet Paprika Origin denomination Murcia
  • Sweet Paprika
  • Hot Paprika
  • Smoked Paprika
  • Paprika without stems
  • Paprika flakes
  • Oleorresins
  • Spices: peppers, coriander, turmeric, oregano, garlic powder, etc…
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Addition to providing a great flavor and color to our foods, can be very beneficial for our health.

It is a condiment with this most important NUTRITIONAL VALUES:

  • It is a great source of iron ( 23.6 mg / 100 g ) helps us to combat iron deficiency anemia. Highly recommended for high intensity athletes to recover iron lost during exercise.
  • Consumption promotes intestinal transit to be high in fiber.
  • It also provides large doses of potassium which is good for circulation. Zinc promotes growth and wound healing.
  • It has a high content of vitamin K which promotes proper blood clotting and a powerful antioxidant called lycopene slows aging.
  • 0% cholesterol
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